Why can’t I renew with my code?

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Hi, I have been using F-secure products for quite a long time. I have always been renewing my subscription with code in advance. But when I tried it today, I can’t insert the code and it tells that it will be available from 7/10/2025. Have the conditions been changed or is the mistake somewhere at my end??

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello @Olda_Jicha

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post.

    We have recently made changes to our system when it comes to renewing licenses. It is now possible to extend an active license using a purchased code 30 days before the license expires. Therefore, when you try to activate the license using the code, the date from which it will be possible to extend the license in this way on your account is displayed.

    So this is not an error, nor are you doing anything wrong. This has to do with the new regulations on license renewal.
    I hope this will be helpful.

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