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With win11 Total(19.3) latest Chrome:Unable to login hangs,no reason given wsoe) vpn protocol Ikev2.After disconnecting vpn, login ok and reconnecting vpn ,traffic ok.Cannot use any other vpn protocol,does not work with surfshark installed even shutdown (protocol wireguard).Just noticed today..Maybe there should be an option to exclude web sites for tracking blocking deviations.

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    Hello @JOnes

    Thank you for your post.

    To better assist you, could you provide further details about your issue? Specifically, which product are you referring to - F-Secure Total or F-Secure Freedome VPN? Additionally, could you specify the location you are currently connected to?

    In the case of F-Secure Total, there is a feature available to disable tracking protection. You might find it beneficial to give this a try. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following link:

    We eagerly await your response so that we can provide you with the appropriate assistance.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish you a pleasant day.


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    • "With win11 Total(19.3) latest Chrome:" means windows 11,F-Secure Total ,version 19.3,latest Chrome browser
    • Same effect with any VPN-server
    • Option "exclude tracking protection per site" not available
    • Case closed..

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    How is situation now? And at which step login is 'hangs'?

    Tried to visit website with an active VPN (OpenVPN at first; and then with IKEv2) - I can use their website, to open login form and put some bogus data (since I'm not registered). No hangs observed. However, there was a very noticeable point when I first tried to open website with an active VPN (page is not loaded at first and was not accessible at all; I tried to open it from Google Search then and it works afterwards); before an active VPN - I tried also to open website without VPN connection.

    Also, did you suspect " tracking protection" as a reason? If so, did you try to put URL in allow&denied websites list (I mean, Websites exclusions as for Browsing Protection)? I just did not find a way to check it, because cannot find any 'tracking protection'-rated pages now. The one I knew is with a somehow 'broken' design while with VPN connection (owned by F-Secure, anyway; and they perhaps did it intentionally for test purposes).


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    Yes, active tracking protection prevented logging in and the product does not have the option to exclude individual websites from tracking protection, maybe in the future it will be the time being case is closed by now..