why my VPN wont connect

Mika667 Posts: 3 Observer

MY VPN wont connect. Its trying but dont connect. After some googling i ran these commands but still not working:

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ipv6 reset

netcfg -d

+ windows is updated

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 108 Moderator
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    Hello @Mika667 ,

    thank you for contacting us. May I know the Windows Version you use, is it Windows 10 or 11? Is the F-Secure program also up to date? Have you maybe tried to uninstall and re-install F-Secure/VPN?

    You could also try enabling the Kill Switch feature in the VPN settings and add your network to trusted.

    To do so please follow these steps - Open VPN > Select Settings >Tick to turn "use automatic killswitch to cut off internet connection if the VPN connection is disrupted" ON -> Under Connection, tap Trusted Wi-Fi networks and select your network.

    If this does not help to solve the problem, I would ask you to delete and reinstall the program and try again later to establish the VPN connection. 

    To uninstall the F-Secure program, please use the uninstall tool for Windows which will delete all remnants of the program.  https://www.f-secure.com/en/support/tools

    To install it again, follow the steps described here - https://community.f-secure.com/internet-security-en/kb/articles/8964-how-do-i-install-f-secure-internet-security-old-safe-on-a-windows-pc

    I hope this will help. I will wait for your feedback and will be happy to help you further.  :)

    Best regards.


  • Mika667
    Mika667 Posts: 3 Observer

    Problem solved and VPN works now. Im an idiot with computers so my pal came and changed some settings. Thanks anyways🙏

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