Is there a problem with VPN and the Tuesday Mar 12 Win 10 patch?

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After installing the feature update patch on Win 10 22H2 and restarting the PC it cannot find any websites is VPN is on.

Is it just me or do others have the same problem and what to do about it?

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  • siramic
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    I just checked on my end after updating 2 Windows 10 64-bit PCs, and the VPN within Total is working. I'm able to access websites with Chrome and Brave. ipleaktest confirms the VPN is working, the F-Secure servers.

    Maybe it has to do with the update issue from a month or two ago that I never manually resolved myself, something about needing to resize the recovery partition? I'm still getting an error after the main update, it's probably still the previous error one, but I'll need to look into it later.


  • martink
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    I am using Brave and Win is 64 bit. and VPN is from Total.

    I do not think my problem relates vurther back as yesterday evrything was wokring fine.

    I have not dared to install the update on any other PC yet.

  • martink
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    No problem with 32 bit 22H2 , Freedome VPN and Firefox

    Might be just one PC which suggest that it is not a general problem

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    Actually on the PC where the problem occurs it is not VPN from Total. it is Freedome as I have F-S TP on it.

    There seems to be a work around:

    I quit Freedome and install Proton VPN Free. Now it works fine and fast. That is ridiculous.

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