Several VPN-apps on Windows

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f-secure vpn(Total) does not recognize other vpn software installed on the windows(11) device (e.g. surfshark)

There is no error message whatsoever, a long continuous "connecting" message and its termination..One has to uninstall the other one completely in order to get it (F-Secure vpn) working

Shouldn't several be used alternately or "complete driver and app restart" option added to configuration ??

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    I know this is not helpful, so my apologies up front, but Mullvad and Totals VPN play together nicely on my devices. I can switch back and forth between those two without any problems. I use that combination on about 4 PCs, 2 Windows 10 and 2 Windows 11 PCs. I had also tried Proton VPN on my Windows 11 notebook with Total, and that combination seemed fine for the short time I had used Proton.

    I know that when I was using a different AV with its included VPN, and then tried Bitdefender's stand-alone VPN, it broke my network connection. It could just be the combination used, that can at times give us grief?

    Again, apologies if I wasn't understanding your question better :)

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    Looks like some combinations work others don't.Protocol used with surfshark is wireguard,with F-Secure open-vpn/udp.From my point of view they should all recognize each others and notify user to prevent each other's interference.Surfshark does that but F-Secure vpn is silent without any further info to user.Some development in program may be needed..