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I keep getting a notification in ID Protection that my app will no longer be supported and to download the new app. However the link to the new app doesn’t work - it says URL not found/invalid. I’m in the UK. Could someone please provide me with a working link? Or the name of the new app. Can’t seem to find comms about it anywhere. Many thanks.

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    Hallo @GCameron

    Thank you for your post. The information on EOL (End of Life) for ID Protection came about because there are plans to make changes to the operation of the Password Vault. However, due to various circumstances, the date for the changes has been postponed. This is the reason why the link you clicked is not active.

    The relevant information about this and the actualization of the link to download the new program will appear with the update of the current ID Protection program.

    So please still be patient for a while and enjoy the current version of the program.

    Have a good one!


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    it would be sensible to put an information notice on these links in development in the future instead of notifications of "not available/invalid" .Less ambiguity for consumer customers😎

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