Vault password working on phone but not in PC

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So, I had ID-Protection which was upgared F-Secure Total. Now my vault password not working in PC. I keep saying it´s wrong password. When I try to recover password via QR-code which I made with phone, it says QR-Code not recognized.

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  • PawełP
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    Hello @Jahvetti

    Thank you very much for your post.

    With the new Total it is possible to manage your antivirus, password manager and VPN from one panel.

    If there are any problems with VPN performance, we encourage you to change the location in the settings and change the protocol to IKEv2. 

    Also, please check whether you have any other VPN software installed that may conflict with the VPN from F-Secure.

    Have a good one!


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  • Jahvetti
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    Well, I uninstalled the software, took about 15 minutes and wanted restart of computer. F-Secure Total was still installed after reboot. Now everything is working but not liking this new softare, too much hassle, like VPN was loading all day etc.