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Hello :)

I probably should have searched for these before I posted them, so I'm sure some have been mentioned before. These suggestions are in using F-Secure Total.

1) If a person is not logged in to their Password Vault and they go to a webpage we need to log into, it would be nice if when we clicked the icon (grey at that point), it would open up the Total UI to enter our password, just to speed things along. 1Password does this when I click the icon and will open the desktop app to log in.

2) The ability to enable/disable the VPN by right-clicking the system tray icon with that option included.

3) To enable dark mode from within the app, and not by using the Windows color options. I know this has been mentioned before, but I thought I'd include it in this wish list.

I am not asking for add-ons that would just make the app bloatware, but just simple little user aids for what's already a part of the app, or its ability.

Cheers :)

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    Please number 2, why do i have to open the app to enable/disable the vpn , such a pain.I'm sure the old freedome vpn had this feature.

    Perfect for me as i don't always have the vpn enabled.