Bypass app in the VPN

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    Hi @Kris3

    Thank you for your question and for your patience.

    Checking this is possible, although it requires some IT knowledge.

    I think you can handle it. It could be checked with Wireshark · Go Deep packet capture. 

    Follow the steps:

    1) Install wireshark

    2) Turn on VPN (use OpenVPN protocol, not OpenVPN TCP-only or IKEv2)

    3) Capture packets from real network interface with wireshark

    4) Add following packet filter to Wireshark


    !(udp.port >= 2730 && udp.port <= 2780)

    5) If game does lots of networking transfer, customer should see lots of packets appear in Wireshark if bypass is working. If bypass is not working, game traffic goes as UDP packet in port range 2730-2780 (encrypted VPN packets) and thus would be not shown due filtering rule.

    I hope this information will be helpful.

    Have a good one!


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