AGAIN! Since yesterday, no Capricorn-updates!

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When does this be better?


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  • siramic
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    Confirmed on my end as well, U.S.

    I guess as long as we're connected to the internet, we're fine.

    Our F-Secure phone apps don't receive signature updates and rely solely on the cloud, so at times like these, I figure I'll be okay. But still, it would be nice if an AV company could do a better job in keeping up with its AV signature updates :)

  • siramic
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    Thank you @Firmy

    Perfect answer (2nd link), it's what I was thinking and hoping for. I Bookmarked it for future reference as needed. I also appreciate the Latest Database link as well.

    I did receive the update today and was going to post regarding that, but it's nice that you beat me to it with your insightful reply. Resolved issue for me :)


  • MNielsen
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    I also has got some Capricorn-updates for now... But when reaching the next weekend, we sit here again, with no updatings...

    And remember, for some Windows-users, it's not much safe without updatings, because of a forever failing update from Microsoft. Thousands of posts about that on Microsoft's Community!

    And remember, we are paying for this!

    When I years ago used Avast as free antnvirus program, it was the same, with periodically no updates... It also used or perhaps still? uses Capricorn-updates.