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integrate in the F-secure Total product

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  • Ukko
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    Sorry for the discussion.

    Most of them are already integrated (or accessible). At least, the ones I see.

    With the exception of most recent text message checker (which I think should / can be included in mobile apps?!). And still 'under the maintenance' router checker.

    well, IP checker is hardly can be integrated as a security feature?

    or which way you want to utilize them (say, trusted shopping checker)?


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    Nice post, JOnes :)

    I thought the same idea as Ukko, as I checked the free tools and thought some of them may be overlapping, within Total itself?

    I was more curious about the under-maintenance router checker.

    I don't mind if it will truly improve our security, but one of the reasons I like Total so much is its simplicity. Even though it does have the Password Vault and the VPN, it's still pretty basic and easy to navigate and understand. I just wouldn't want it to have more modules and settings to contend with. Some have complained about just wanting an AV, so I'm not sure how far we take it in implementing more features, except of course if it helps with our security.

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    Hello Dear Community Fellows

    By integration I meant, for example, that the F-Secure Total settings menu would have an item "settings", from which direct paths to Tools(external modules technically, easy to access)

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    Yep, that sounds good, at least now I understand your idea better. Thanks for the clarification as well as the YouTube link :) :)

  • Ukko
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    By integration I meant, for example, that the F-Secure Total settings menu would have an item "settings", from which direct paths to Tools(external modules technically, easy to access)

    I think web-version (well, how it is done on F-Secure website's Free Tools page) is more suitable for the people who are not using F-Secure solutions.

    The tools I see there are:

    • F-Secure Text Message Checker;
    • F-Secure Online Shopping Checker;
    • F-Secure Identity Theft Checker;
    • F-Secure Strong Password Generator;
    • F-Secure IP Checker;
    • F-Secure Online Scanner;
    • F-Secure Router Checker;

    Most of them are equivalent of corresponded feature or functionality in F-Secure TOTAL or related to it.

    For example, F-Secure Online Shopping Checker is actually possibility to check 'any' website and receive either Trusted Shopping Rating or nothing about. With F-Secure TOTAL app (Windows platform as an example) - you can visit shopping website or browsing it via supported search engine and to receive related information like 'trusted shopping' rating, information that it's a trusted website and so on. Technically, with F-Secure TOTAL you can obtain the same amount of information as with "F-Secure OSC" free tool. You can also report (request categorization) either via F-Secure SAS web-page or directly via F-Secure Browsing Protection addon/extension.

    Then, F-Secure Strong Password Generator is actually way to create a 'random' password. With F-Secure Total app's Password Vault - you can do exactly the same thing. Maybe not so much 'convenient', but created password is need for an account - then it is anyway good to create an entry in Password Vault as a result. Additionally, currently, when you created a fresh entry in F-Secure's Password Vault - autogenerated password is available from the start.

    With F-Secure Identity Theft Checker - I think it is practically the same as F-Secure Total's ID Monitoring but with less information about breaches. And just as one-off check.

    F-Secure Online Scanner is accessible in F-Secure TOTAL via: opening main UI, clicking (?) in the right top corner, clicking "Online Scanner" item in menu.

    The rest are: F-Secure IP Checker, F-Secure Router Checker and F-Secure Text Message Checker.

    Well, I do not if F-Secure IP Checker is possible to utilize as a security feature/tool. But, maybe, it can be integrated as part of F-Secure Privacy VPN module. Say, it is can be a suggestion or tool to obtain information about VPN's IP or as a double-check that Privacy VPN is actually working.

    F-Secure Router Checker is 'under maintenance' now. Previously it was a very basic tool and as far as I know and remember - related check/tool was built-in with F-Secure solution as "Anti-bot" checker feature or something like that. DNS-checker or something. I am not sure if it is still integrated or used in current F-Secure TOTAL app. As such, this 'autochecker in background' feature will inform user if something malicious/harmful or wrong will be found about DNS IPs (as Router Checker did in the past) and any indications of "participation in bot networks". Well, so to speak - either DNS settings are safe/trusted or not.

    I think F-Secure Router Checker can be a bit more powerful tool now. And since website says "it is under maintenance and they want to bring something great" - maybe it will be something in the future.

    And the last one F-Secure Text Message Checker is a brand new thing. At least, I saw it only this year first. My mobile F-Secure app is not about something like that. But I think if this "beta" web-tool will be useful / good enough - really - I think it can be expected as an integrated thing in mobile apps.

    So, all in all, I think Free Web Tools are more suitable for web-use. And integration is already done for some of them OR with the view which can be still 'suitable' for application. With rare cases when web tool is more accurate or suitable (if you are F-Secure user) - I think better just to use Free Web tool then.

    What I meant is these Free Web tools (as I think) are possibility to use F-Secure (Total) functionality by the people who are not F-Secure users. With a bit of exceptions (IP Checker) and limitations (difference between free tools and how it is possible to use 'related' feature in F-Secure Total).

    But I like the idea of your feature requests about enhanced design of F-Secure TOTAL solution. Not only this feature request but some other ones too.


  • JOnes
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    From my point view,as F-Secure Total is a consumer customer security set of tools there should be allways three points kept in mind: usability,usability,usability..

  • Cale
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    The free tools allow non-Total users to try out some of our the main technologies. If you find them useful, in most cases you can find them from the Total client, integrated and automatic - and more user friendly than the free tools.


  • JOnes
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    For the sake of usability, it would be safer if in the Total settings you could set, for example, F-Secure's AI checking of text messages automatically, instead of handling them separately using the tool

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