F-Secure cannot scan

I use the F-Secure app and tried a full computer scan on my MacBook Air running on MacOS Sonoma 14.3. I am subscribed to F-Secure Anti-virus/Internet Security.

The progress bar did not move at all and after about 10 seconds the scan ended with 0 scanned and of course no infected file.

Please advise why and how to fix this. Thank you.

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    Hello @edchan54

    We welcome you to our forum. Thank you for your post.

    Regarding the scanning problem you have experienced, we would like to take a closer look at it. 

    We would appreciate it if you could collect diagnostic data that our technicians can analyze to see what is causing this error.

    I will send you a private message in our forum in connection with this. Please check your inbox.

    Best regards.


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