F-secure: how safe is it?

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Modern digitalized Income tax support programmes - such as Speedledger - demands FULL ACCESS to the computer in order to function properly:

  1. Does F-secure Total in any way hinders these income tax accounting programmes, such as "SpeedLedger" and others, to have access and - maybe use and/or abuse- this previledge vis-a-vis Google and F-secure accounts saved passwords in the computer?
  2. How does F-secure handles these programmes in order to keep security in computers with full F-secure protection?
  3. How can I/we organize F-secure installation in order to demand a new beforehand signed permissions for each and everytime these income tax programmes wants to access other information in the computer outside the expected ordinary needed info for the programme function?
  4. The accounts are saved in the Cloud. How safe is that given that some of the information in the accounts are very sensitive to private and firms using these programmes?

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    Hello @Gugtu ,

    thank you for contacting us here on F-Secure Community Portal!

    The program should run without any restrictions on your computer and the program itself should not be blocked by our virus software. 

    F-Secure protects your device and prevents 3rd party files or programs from interfering with the security of your device. Additional protection can be provided by scanning individual files or by Ransomware protection, where you can add and folder, which you want to protect additionally. 

    Your account data is known only to F-Secure employees, we can check it at your request or remove it, and the only data you can see there are your personal data and the device it was installed on.

    I hope I answered your questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 

    Best regards!


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    Perhaps, more safe than free programs - if F-Secure didn't take that long pauses with Capricorn-updates, which they uses to do. Sometimes for 3 - 4 days, there's no Capricorn-updates. There's something to go ahead with, in my opinion!! (That said, This time, there HAS been updates every day...)

    But, when there's upgradings of the program, it would be nice, to get a pop up-message about restarting the computer, I think. The same, when installing F-Secure. But APPARANTLY no restart-requirement... I restart anyway!!