My FS Protection subscription has expired

My FS Protection subscription has expired 4 days ago.

I already sent an email to [email protected] but I haven't received any response yet.



  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 61 Moderator

    Hello @zero0717 ,

    thank you for contacting us here on Community Portal!

    You did just right by contacting our beta f-secure team regarding the renewal. We do appreciate your patience thus far and would like to ask you to wait a little longer. Our team will certainly look into it soon and you will be notified.

    Best regards!

  • melvinmajor
    melvinmajor Posts: 6 Explorer


    Same issue on my side for a bit more then a week now. I contacted beta f-secure team by mail but no reply so far. First mail sent on January 31st.

    @CarolinaC do you have any info on when this problem will be solved?

    Best regards

  • Kira_Berheide
    Kira_Berheide Posts: 2 Observer

    Hi @CarolinaC,

    Since my subscription hasn't been renewed since January 31, 2024, and I've been waiting for a response from email support for a few days, I'll add this here too.

    Kind Regards

  • melvinmajor
    melvinmajor Posts: 6 Explorer

    Hi @CarolinaC ,

    Still no news on this and it seems we are couple having encountered the issue. I see on the device I use for testing it is still showing the license expired message.

    @Kira_Berheide , @zero0717 , are you still facing the same issue?

    Best regards.

  • zero0717
    zero0717 Posts: 2 Observer

    After 20 days, my subscription finally got renewed yesterday.

    So i think you could wait a bit longer.

    Best regards.

  • melvinmajor
    melvinmajor Posts: 6 Explorer

    I got my subscription fully deleted and then recreated yesterday. The team had many out of office apparently this month, which explains why they went a bit slow in the process.

    Everything is back to normal so, perfect.