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Thank you F-Secure that you give parts of the names or words associated with a breach. Last time I went through all of my passwords and login names looking for the ones they showed, and changed as many as I could that were still webpages that weren't 6-10 years old and obsolete.

There is another subscription I have for Identity Protection that has a lot of tabs, charts, graphs, scorecard, lots of eye candy, but they do not show or give me any information on what to look for. F-Secure does, and I received this notification this morning, so I will be reviewing and changing any passwords or user names that were breached. F-Secure may use haveIbeenpawned as the web scanning engine? but the other services I'm aware of don't give you a clue as far as what part of names and passwords that were associated with the breach, only that 'Combolist" was breached, then you're on your own.

So thank you again, team F-Secure :)

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