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Three weeks ago using my older Dell laptop I was able to see available networks and successfully connect to my work network. Now I'm unable to see my own work network but can still see other networks. It's a small two-person office.

I can take the laptop to other locations and connect to new networks just fine. I've updated Secure by Frontier to the latest version so it's up to date and I still can't get connected. I see other available networks but not my own.

I took a different Dell laptop to work that has never been connected to my work laptop in the past. It immediately saw available networks including my own and I was able to connect to the network after entering the password. I even connected a smartphone to the network.

I'm at a loss now as why I can't see my network on my older laptop. There have no setting changes made to the router to prevent access to the MAC address assigned to my laptop,

So, I think there is setting in Secure by Frontier on my computer blocking access to my own network. I know there are setting to trust websites. Is there a Firewall setting to block websites or more specifically blocking a signal from seeing a specific wireless signal?

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    Hello @TallBadJim

    Welcome to our forum. Thank you for your post and contact with us.

    No F-Secure program has settings that would block any network from showing up in the list of available networks.

    On the other hand, you are using Safe by Frontier, a version customized by a partner. Therefore, it would be best to ask Frontier for help. They may have knowledge of this version that they offer to customers. 

    However, all indications are that most likely your PC needs a network reset. This procedure is helpful in this type of problem.

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    Thank you for your response.

    I've done more research on the internet and found a document showing some steps to try and resolve the issue. I thought Frontier had a firewall, but upon further navigation within the Frontier application it actually links you to "Windows Firewall Settings".

    I've attached the document I found on the internet and will try these steps later this week. If these don't fix the problem, then I'll try the network reset you suggest.

    Thank you again.

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