DeepGuard blocked apps ?


Some of the articles mention that there is a list of blocked apps in DeepGuard. I wonder if that is an older version since I can not find that anywhere (Mac OS 14.2.1 and the latest Total).

I got an instruction from ATLAS.ti to add rules (DeepGuard) for the following apps

However, how do you find these apps since you can basically find apps only in the Apllication folder ?


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  • ArthurVal
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    Hi, @Petrixx!

    Let's continue in private messages. I'll send you a message soon.

    We might need to collect product diagnostics. It's better to share that in private.

    Best regards, Arthur

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  • Petrixx
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    When I start ATLAS.ti it typically fails once or twice before it opens. ATLAS support says DepGuard blocks something and asked to add ATLAS.ti exe to DeepGuad cofiguation. However, it does not help. Then I got an advice :

    "The logs look the same as before: The Machine Learning component cannot be started. After the problem was (seemingly) solved last time, I had another look and realized that there is indeed another component which you may not yet have whitelisted in F-Secure. Here is the hierarchy (also see the attached screenshot from Activity Monitor):

    “ATLAS.ti” launches “SSDCoreServer”, which in turn launches “ATLAS.ti-NLP” (= Natural Language Processing)

    Please add all three executables to F-Secure and try again. Thanks!"

    However, SDDCoreServe ad ATLAS.ti-NLP are processes.

    Any advice ?

  • PawełP
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    Hello @Petrixx

    Thank you for your post.

    We would like to ask some details that will be helpful.

    1. What articles do you have in mind at the beginning of your post?

    2. Did you have any problems with the operation of the ATLAS.ti program and therefore needed rules? 

    Thank you.


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  • Petrixx
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    Hi Pawel,

    1) I referred to ATLAS.ti articles, not F-Secure. So they have recognized the problem.

    2) ATLAS.ti crashes always then you try to start it. After 1 or 2 more tries is starts and seems to run ok. When emailing with ATLAS.ti support they told about the DeepGuard problem blocking some to their serivices. The advice I got is in my first message here.

    I have added ATLAS.ti in DeepGuard but it does not seem to be enough. Learning mode did not help either.


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