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How can I import passwords as from format from

There is no import choice format as "*.1pux" and no "csv" format

Or must I to an import to repass first? then export from repass?

Thanks for any advise.


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    Hello @User_83247

    Welcome to our forum and thank you for your post.

    It is true that in our Password Vault we don't have the option to import "1pux" format. In this situation, if 1Password gives you the option to export passwords in "csv" then proceed as follows:

    To import the CSV file to ID PROTECTION, do the following:

    a.     Open ID PROTECTION and go to Settings > Import passwords.

    b.    In the drop-down menu under What password manager would you like to import from?, select KeePassX V2.

    c.     Drag and drop the CSV file that you created into the Drag and drop your file here area in the app, or select Choose file to import, browse to the file and select it.

    If 1Password does not have an option to export to "csv" format, then a procedure similar to the Kaspersky password import may be helpful.

    I am sending a link to the instructions below:

    I hope you find this information helpful.

    Have a good one.


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