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Sinds kort krijg ik op veel sites die ik wil openen de reactie:

"Deze site kan geen beveiligde verbinding leveren heeft een ongeldige reactie verzonden".

Dat zijn sites van het ziekenhuis, de gemeente, de dokter, etc. Sites die ik jarenlang heb kunnen bezoeken zonder problemen.

Hoe los ik dat op?

KPN adviseert contact op te nemen met de afzenders zoals het Haga ziekenhuis??

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    Goedendag @KeesT

    Thank you for contacting us and welcome to our forum.

    Currently, we only converse in Finnish and English.

    As a first step with this type of problem, uninstall and reinstall the browser extension for F-Secure.

    Use these instructions to reinstall the extension:

    The next step would be to clear the browser cache.

    If that doesn't help then we will ask for the following data, which will help us take a closer look at the problem.

    1. What F-Secure program are you using on the affected device?

    2. What device is the problem opening pages on (what is the operating system)?

    3. What browser are you using and does the problem also occur on other browsers?

    4. Can you provide screenshots of the messages appearing? 

    Providing these details will help us take a closer look at the problems and look for a solution.

    Please let us know how the situation is at the moment.

    Kinde regards.


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