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Dear F-Secure,

I've been using F‑Secure Internet Security , and it has proven to be highly effective. I am here because of my client WordPress issue.

My client's WordPress website is hosted on a shared hosting platform. Unfortunately, the website has utilized several free plugins, some of which have introduced viruses that are causing harm. Like the following ReactJS plugin introduces viruses on our website.


It's been observed that these viruses can sometimes originate from other sites within the shared hosting environment.

I'm aware that F-Secure doesn't offer a specific WordPress plugin, but I'm wondering if they provide any support or recommendations for WordPress virus protection plugins.


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    Hello @JackToth

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post. To be honest, it looks like this is the first time this topic appears on our forum.

    Actually, as you rightly pointed out we do not offer a specific plugin for WordPress. Our focus is on protecting a wide range of Internet users. We care about solutions that will help take care of the security of those who do not have much experience in ensuring their protection while browsing the Internet. That is why we invest our potential in the development of antivirus and personal data protection programs.

    To protect WordPress users from threats, we encourage them to take advantage of the solutions and tips provided by the WordPress team, for example at developer.wordpress.org. Please use the tips provided in this article:


    I hope you will find this information helpful.

    Have a good one.


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