Is Freedome necessary?

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I have F-Secure Total installed on all of my devices and that includes VPN, Secure Browsing, Password Vault and ID Monitoring; do I need Freedome or can I uninstall it?

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    Yes, you can uninstall it..but, if you have any time left on your Freedom VPN, it may be easier to use.

    With Total, you will have to consistently enable, change servers, disable etc. it by opening the Total app. With Freedom being a stand-alone app, it can be more convenient in that way. (I have never used the Freedom version). Maybe use Freedom on your most heavily used device for now?

    I have F-Secure Total, but am using a different, stand alone VPN, which makes it easier to use, and also has a system tray icon to show its status, rather than hovering my mouse cursor over my connection status, to confirm F-Secure's VPN status.

    They really need to come up with something better, more user friendly with the VPN in Total.

    Just my 2 cents.



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    Apologies for my above misspelling of Freedome, spell checker got me and I couldn't edit my post :)