I recently updated my wife's windows 10 laptop to v19.2 and now it is booting up insanely slowly.


Update recently to 19.2 on both my w10 desktop rig and my wife's laptop. The desktop works fine. But the laptop is taking up to 2 hours to boot since installation. Any ideas?

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    Hallo @Berteh

    We welcome you to our forum. Thank you for your post and for contacting us through this channel.

    To determine the cause of the problem and how to solve it, we would very much like you to follow the points below:

    • Please check that Windows on this device has all updates installed.
    • Check using the Windows Task Manager if any processes from F-Secure are using a large amount of either CPU or memory
    • If possible, shut down your F-Secure software for a short time and check if it has an impact on performance
    • If you have other anti-virus programs installed alongside F-secure, please uninstall that

    Also be aware that the product will be using more system resources when performing full system scans, so if you for example have scheduled scans set to run during times when they are causing issues it might be worth to reschedule these to a time when the computer is not being actively used.

    If an F-Secure process turns to consume a lot of resources without apparent reason, gather an FSDIAG-file as well as a screenshot from the Windows Task Manager that shows which processes are consuming resources, and send it to us.

    If it will be necessary to collect diagnostic data, please do not send it in the post only directly to me in a private message on our forum.

    Have a nice day.


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