No banking security shows


I've downloaded AVG browser simply to be able to create shortcuts to my banking sites which this browser offers ,when I go into banking thro shortcut there's no green outlines or tick shows,is security still there

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 102 Moderator
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    Hello @Fletch32 ,

    thank you for contacting us!

    I would like to ask you which program you have installed on your device is that F-Secure Internet Security or AVG Internet Security? Please note, that those are two different programs.

    If you use F-Secure Internet Security I have to inform you, that the Browsing Protection extension is not supported by this browser. However, our program will continue to provide you with protection in the background.

    In case of further question, feel free to ask!

    Best regards.

  • Fletch32
    Fletch32 Posts: 2 New Member
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    thank you query answered


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