from old F-secure to new Total instal problem

oreste Posts: 2 Observer

I had F-secure internet security, I upgraded to TOTAL purchasing 24 month subscription.

I installed the free one month trial (losing some months from my old f-secure) now installing TOTAL the system can't find my purchase. I used the same email, in fact I received the email invoice and find the history of all my purchases.

Any ideas? I already reinstalled, restarted etc.


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  • rc72
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    Same problem here

  • oreste
    oreste Posts: 2 Observer

    so I managed to open a chat with an expert, very good may I say.

    The problem was that the system saw my account as the "trial" account and not the sub account, so they made me delete my account and remake it by clicking the link in the purchase email.

    Now everything is working properly, they will also extend my sub to not loose the months I still had with the previous Internet Security.