Can't install F-secure VPN on Iphone 5

BerntZ Posts: 1 New Member

I have a F-secure VPN subscription for 5 units. I installed it on a Win 10 laptop, no problem.

Now I tried to install on my girlfriends Iphone 5.

Shed had a subscription that ceased. In My F-secure I registered her as 'someone else's unit' with email address.

When I send the email and she opens it it says 're-directing to Appstore'. Then, when I open F-secure in her phone it says 'subscription has ended' (the old subscription, that's ok). But when I try with new subscription I'm only offered new subscriptions, I can not choose the subscription I've already paided for, and that I believed was included in the mail link to her phone.

What to do?

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 102 Moderator
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    Hello @BerntZ ,

    Thank you for contacting us through Community Portal.

    As you have mentioned that it is an iPhone 5, I am sorry to inform you that the iOS version is no longer supported. For Freedome VPN to run, the supported iOS version must be 14.2 or higher. The latest update for iPhone 5 devices is iOS 10, therefore Freedome VPN will not work.

    Best regards!

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