Chance F-Secure Internet Security Abo to F-Secure Total

Patrick_1979 Posts: 1 New Member

Hi, I had a F-Secure Internet Security Abo working until 05/2025. I know installed the new Software and my Code not works anymore. Can the Support help me pls.

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  • CarolinaC
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    Hello @Patrick_1979 ,

    thank you for contacting us!

    The code that was already used in the old F-Secure Internet Security does not work in the My F-Secure portal.

    I see that you have already created an account for yourself, which is good. Now we just need to transfer the remaining time of the old F-Secure Internet Security program to the My F-Secure account. I will send you a private message, give me the code in it and I will help you activate the new program.

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  • Baerli56
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    Hello Community and F-Secure Support,

    I've got basically the same issue, which seems somehow annoying, especially if your F-Secure website states

    "To stay protected, upgrade to F-Secure Total and get improved protection for the remainder of your subscription period at no additional cost. The subscription will cover all your devices, regardless of their platform."

    1. Scroll down the page and select Create an account. The Create an account window opens.
    2. Enter the required data and select Accept and create account. Once the account has been created, the My F-Secure page opens and your subscription will be updated automatically to F-Secure Total. Also, the F-Secure Total app will be installed automatically on your Windows device(s).

    I did 1., but the part of two with "your subscription will be updated automatically" did not happen. The old Internet Security was uninstalled, the new F-secure total installed itself, but just the trial 30-days were activated.

    I have the legacy version of Internet Security (purchased before February 14, 2023) for 5 clients with a remaining license time until May 2024.

    I would appreciate your help in the matter.

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Baerli56
    Baerli56 Posts: 2 Observer

    Hello again,

    I contacted phone support today and my key has been transferred quick and easy.

    Best regards,