What is happening currently with the my.f-secure.com website? Password resets not working.


I have notice lately that every single time I navigate to my.f-secure.com/login and enter logon credentials, that the webpage indicates that the password is wrong every single time.

So I choose the "Forgot Password" option and get a password reset link that includes:


When I select the above link I reset the password, but then when I go back to my.f-secure.com/login the password I just changed is not accepted.

The password reset using hxxps://accounts-emea.f-secure.com/OneID/portal/ui/password-reset/ works for the F-Secure community site.

So why is the my.f-secure.com/login password reset sending me a password reset link that is meant for the F-Secure community website?

This is getting ridiculous. Just one problem after another with F-Secure.

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 102 Moderator
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    Hello @Karibu ,

    thank you for contacting us.

    We are sorry to hear that this problem has occurred. Did you make sure you entered your password correctly?

    When you tried to log in to your My F-Secure website account, did you click the "Forgot your password?" option to receive an email to reset your password?

    When changing the password to your account it is valid for both - your My F-Secure and Community Portal account.

    In this case, we can try to reset your password again with a one-time password that will be sent from our system. You will receive two emails - one with a welcome message and one with a one-time password. The password consists of upper and lower case letters. If this does not help, I will reset the password so you can try again.

    I have also sent a private message to discuss this issue, as this case contains confidential information, the password.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you in case of further questions.

    Best regards!


  • Karibu
    Karibu Posts: 26 Enthusiast

    The F-Secure community and my.f-secure.com websites every few days indicate that my current password is incorrect/unrecognized (whenever it is corrrect and I have changed nothing!).

    So every few days when I try to attempt to login to my.f-secure. com or community.f-secure.com the website forces me to reset my password.

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