Shouldn't DeepGuard recognize the Finals as safe?


I had quite a hard time getting The Finals to run on protected computer. Kept getting a TFLA0002 login error. Once I created an exception for Deepguard for the game folder under steamapps, login went through. I get the game's anti-cheat did not respond well to Deepguard.

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    I think your experience is not about DeepGuard blocking something, but the game cannot recognize DeepGuard as safe.

    There was a comment: Blocking of Steam games — F-Secure Community

    with a bit of conclusion about such situations. Perhaps, 'adding' the game folder (or executable) to list of exceptions is enough workaround. However, you can also try to share this information via F-Secure SAS there (Submit a sample | F-Secure) or maybe can be enough to submit a screenshot with an error/game-name to the Labs (since, likely, it is not possible to choose executable to transfer).


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