F secure and MacOS Sonoma

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Please let me know if F Secure Total works without problems on macOS Sonoma (Norton had many stability issues). 

I am considering purchasing.



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  • Firebones
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    I am running F-Secure Total on a 2020 Intel MacBook Air, I do recommend Total as it takes care of all aspects of your security most of all your financial transactions, so if you are considering using it, I have used Total for the last 4-5 years without any breaches. So I would recommend it personally.

  • Meddok
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    Hi mcalex. I am using a MacBook Air M1 and FS Total with MacOs 14.2.

    FS is very stable. Never had a problem. Some issues existed with some VPN servers but from what I have seen since, the issues have been resolved.

    FS is stable and have been using it for years both win Mac and Windows systems and as a bonus they are a European company!