I generated a master password recovery QR - how do I use it to recover my passwords?


Restoring my Android device from backup after factory reset - how do I get ID Protect to use my master password recovery QR to reinstate all my passwords?

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    As mentioned above in the comment, the QR recovery code is only needed when trying yo regain the access to an already set up app on your device. Therefore the QR recovery code cannot be used to set up the ID Protection App. If you have installed ID Protection on another device for example on a PC you can generate a sync code that will help you transfer all data from the one app to the other. It recommended to set up the vault in all possible devices or at least two just in case you need to sync the passwords.

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    The recovery QR code is meant for regaining access to your ID Protection vault if you forget your master password. If you have ID Protection on another device, you can sync with it to recover your saved passwords.


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    So, effectively the product is useless in its single user license form - to be at all usable one needs to purchase at least one additional license?

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