New Machine; Can't Figure Out How To Make My Existing F-Secure Work W/ Changes

Austinsarae Posts: 2 New Member

My old F-Secure - still valid after a 36 month renewal on 10/17/21 - seems not to exist on my account. I log in and it tells me my "trial period has expired". Ah, no. Help, please?


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  • CarolinaC
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    Hello @Austinsarae ,

    thank you for contacting us here!

    I have checked your account and it is indeed a 30 days trial version that was activated on the 2023-04-04.

    With your email address I could find an invoice and the license that you purchased, and I can confirm that you have an subscription for F-Secure Internet Security program which is code-based. The code-based program is not connected to your My F-Secure account which manages our programs that are account-based. Therefore you see only an expired trial version.

    I assume that you either have received a notification about the discontinuation of (old) F-Secure Internet Security or that your protection is disabled. In this case, I have transferred your Internet Security license to your account.

    Please log in to you My F-Secure account and check if you can see the new license there. Since F-Secure Internet Security (code-based) and F-Secure TOTAL (account-based) are two different program, I would like to ask you to follow these steps described on this website to install the new F-Secure TOTAL on your PC to stay protected.

    In case you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Best regards.


  • Debby
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    Are you using the internet-security version?

    I am also a user,

    Please refer to the article

    Upgrading from F-Secure Internet Security to F-Secure Total

  • Austinsarae
    Austinsarae Posts: 2 New Member

    Debby, thanks for trying to help - I appreciate that. Sadly, as I said, my account doesn't recognize my existing (yes, interent-security version) subscription at all - though it's clearly there in my orders (ten years with F-Secure, I think, or close enough). The article at the link still does not address this issue for me. I'm not offered an upgrade - only to buy a new subscription to Total as my "trial (that I wasn't on and didn't have) has expired".