How can I turn off "trusted site" popups?



  • Jack66
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    It is INSANE the amount of time you have to invest to get this crumb of assurance that this MIGHT BE addressed in due course. There are 2 places where notifications can (in principle) be disabled and of course it require rebooting for a user to be assured that neither of them have made the slightest bit of difference. There is then a multi hour runaround support sites that DONT actually want to accept a simple tecnhical bug report.

    This is uttely atrocious. DONT YOU TEST YOUR RELEASE before you inflict them on the public?

    You have a great day too.

  • Karibu
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    You keep posting that Trusted Shopping is meant for both TOTAL and the latest/new INTERNET SECURITY.

    When anyone calls official F-Secure support and reports this issue (of no Trusted Shopping settings in INTERNET SECURITY), the representatives are saying this:

    "We are aware of the issue. Trusted Shopping is intended only for TOTAL version. It should not have been shipped to INTERNET SECURITY. We are working to resolve this issue. No ETA."

    You work for F-Secure, right? And you are saying one thing and official F-Secure support is saying the opposite.

    Since there are no Trusted Shopping settings in latest/new INTERNET SECURITY, I believe F-Secure support is correct - that the Trusted Shopping feature is meant only for TOTAL. INTERNET SECURITY users should not be seeing any Trusted Shopping notifications.

    I am usually a big advocate of F-Secure, but I have to admit that given the fact that nobody at F-Secure seems to be in agreement, and the fact that F-Secure is so slow to fix this issue, I and others are apt to just dump F-Secure and move to a different product.

    There is nothing F-Secure can do to ever convince me to use this annoying, useless feature. All it does is degrade the user experience and adds nothing to security. What is worse is that it gives niche, little known websites that people buy from bad ratings and then those people freak out and do not want to buy from the website. So this feature is ruining the reputations of safe, but small websites.

    I do not need Trusted Shopping to tell me that Amazon, Migros, and eBay are safe to make purchases on. Neither do I need it to tell me it is safe or not safe to buy from small businesses using unknown websites.

    Save the money expended on this Trusted Shopping feature and instead use it to participate in more AV lab assessments or, better yet, add ransomware rollback feature to F-Secure products. Now that is a badly needed and very worthwhile feature.

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    A solution that works in Chrome, not in other Browsers I have understood.

    If you go to your extensions in Chrome and click on the 3 dots

    next to each other for the F-secure extension, I have noticed that you can turn

    off that popup.

    See screenshot,

    When you click on the extension and then it is no longer


    I hope you can understand the Dutch, or that you are able to find it.

    For the rest, I hope that the person who put this in F-Secure has given as christmas present a one way ticket to Timbouktou in the Sahara Desert.



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