How I installed F-secure Total on MacBook Air on Mac Sonoma OS.

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I could not get Total to finish installing on Sonoma, I love F-Secure Total and stand by it,

  1. I found if you install Mac OS Ventura on your MacBook install Total.
  2. Next leave running for a few minutes,
  3. Then go to Updates and it will show Sonoma OS ready to update, start update and let it run
  4. After all the update is over you will find that Total has updated to Sonoma OS and updates and works fine.
  5. I know this is time consuming but I like Total it is Great Security Suite and I am used to it after 5years of using it I've never had problems only this and it's to do with Apple not F-Secure,
  6. Thankyou again F-Secure
  7. Firebones

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