If e.g. Steam is selected to bypass Freedome do the games launched in Steam also bypass the VPN?

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Running Windows 11 and looking for a little less latency while playing online games.

So if the game launcher, Steam, Battle.Net, Epic Games etc. is selected to bypass VPN do the games launched through these launchers also bypass the VPN?

I also found that I have Steam.exe listed 2 times in the "Known list of applications" with the exact same filepath. Battle.Net on the other hand doesn't have this issue. Anybody know why this might be?

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    Hello @Barmygold

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    If you're looking to bypass the game executable file, you'll need to add the specific game .exe file to the list. Adding only Steam.exe to the bypass VPN will only exempt the Steam application, not the individual game file. Just to clarify, Steam is more like a platform, and the game.exe file isn't tucked away inside the steam.exe file.

    When you grab a game from Steam, all its files, including the game.exe executable, are stored in a separate directory on your computer. Steam keeps things organized within its installation folder.

    If you need any more help or info, feel free to shout out. Have a fantastic day.


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    Is there a way to check that if .exe is added to bypass list, that it is actually bypassing it when the game is running?

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