Does F-Secure Total have an anti-spam filter?

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I have currently switched to F-Secure Total and miss an antispam filter.

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    There is no such a feature in current F-Secure TOTAL app. It is not possible to integrate into email-clients or something like this. But just as a discussion - where and how you planned to use it (or used before with another solution)? Is it any software (Outlook or something) where you can set-up a certain rules to filtering incoming emails by integrating with a security solution and their databases?

    Perhaps, F-Secure TOTAL will still checking files as a part of real-time protection (Automatic scan) and a bit more protection from additional modules like DeepGuard, web-browsing protection and so on. As a kind of security and protection against malicious and harmful items. And against opening a harmful or suspicious-rated website. But no any specific "antispam filters" there; and, thus, no filtering incoming letters out.

    At the time, antispam module was part of home F-Secure solutions - but dropped since of 'uselessness' for modern implementation of email clients (encryption, security adjusting; and so 'filtering' incoming letters is a quite tricky maybe).

    Now, F-Secure is mostly about home solutions; Their business solutions are under cover as "WithSecure" (where some special solution is likely still available). I read that F-Secure TOTAL is quite applicable for small business or home business companies use. (Using F-Secure Total to protect devices in a small-sized business - F-Secure Community). I think that this feature can be reasonable good for that case. If you feel that there are some things to request - there is a board, where you can put your ideas: Feature Requests — F-Secure Community

    Such as to describe your use case and how/where F-Secure TOTAL app can be helpful (or how spam filtering can be implemented by its generic look).


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