Support Linux or OpenVPN in F-Secure VPN

I know you have gotten this feature request quite many times already, all the way since 2015 as far as I can see. And now here it comes again.

Please add support for Linux or publish the necessary OpenVPN files (as far as I can see, you already use openVPN internally). One important feature to use a VPN solution for is not only protecting clients, but also networks. Many routers support the openVPN standard, thus allowing to secure all the traffic even from devices not supporting VPN themselves.

All the other big VPN vendors support this, so why don't you? If it doesn't feel safe for you to publish the OpenVPN credentials, you could create a linux client using snapcraft or flatpak - both technologies are linux-distro independent. AppImage might also be a possibility.

The best would however still be to just be able to use openVPN, then any openVPN tool could be used. If you regard this to be less secure than the F-Secure VPN client you developed yourselves, you could just add a warning stating that if possible, the F-Secure VPN client should be used.

As the family IT administrator, I have deployed F-Secure TOTAL on all our family devices, and yet I'm happy with it. I have gained a lot of trust in F-Secure being a European Cyber Security vendor, and I have now used your products for at least five years.

But seriously, if you don't fix this issue, I'll find an alternative the next time the subscription expires - this not being possible is just too bad in 2023.

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