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new here but longtime f-secure user. I have been served by 'Total' for the past year but when the subscription ran out I decided to downgrade to Anti-Virus. After wasting many a cumbersome minutes just to able to reach an endpoint where I could do this on f-secure.com Cleversome whatever fail PayPal and I end up with nothing?! No money lost but why bugger me for weeks and then when I downgrade the system fail? No need to bullying folks to buy Total, thanks. I have other VPN and no other needs. IF f-secure cant provide an stand-alone anti-virus whay would you guys recommend as a substitute?



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    Sorry for the discussion. I am also only an F-Secure user.

    It looks like you met an impact of EoL for old F-Secure AV and F-Secure IS (Legacy F-Secure Internet Security and F-Secure Anti-Virus reaching end of sales - F-Secure Community), which cannot be purchased directly anymore.

    But I would like to point out three things:

    • Perhaps, you could downgrade (or use) a newer F-Secure Internet Security (previously known as F-Secure SAFE). It is, actually, something as F-Secure AV + F-Secure Browsing Protection - with subscription and some optional stuff managed in My F-Secure account via web-portal. F‑Secure Internet Security — Award-winning antivirus | F-Secure - maybe cheaper, less features, but a bit more suitable than just an old school F-Secure AV.
    • Maybe it is good to know more information about your struggles with Cleverbridge and Paypal routine. Because sounds that something was completely wrong and it is not user-friendly at all. So, if it can be fixed - it's good if the relevant team can work on it.
    • If you don't like web-portal-based subscription or F-Secure Internet Security is not suitable because of Browsing Protection module (which can be disabled, basically) - then, perhaps, official F-Secure Community staff can surely find a solution for you. At least, for a while. So, it is good to wait their reply about.



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