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I am using Firefox portable (which is not fully supported)

When there is an update to Firefox I just copy the set of files over the old ones.

When I try to enable autofill in Password manager I get Invalid authorization code.

One suggested solution is to uninstall Firefox. With portable there is nothing that can be uninstalled. Just deleted. Firefox seems to put something in the user data, but I do no have any tools to show or remove them.

I do not have a Firefox account so I cannot sync as suggested in another thread.

Is reinstalling Windows after each Firefor portable update the only working solution?

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  • Ukko
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    So, I am not sure what's else can be suggested. I mean, before 'update' (or after you managed to set-up Addon in portable Firefox) - it was authorized extension and workable?

    Perhaps, when you tried to re-locate new files over old files - there is a mismatch with something what makes functioning extension as 'unconnected' to anything.

    Maybe you can try to use this way with installing a fully proper Firefox. Uninstall it (as you said - it can be helpful). Then to use Portable Firefox with an extension. Then check/save set-up. Like back-up or copying resulted Firefox folders to somewhere else (as a double storage).

    And during next update - just to compare situation in between. What can be important in functioning. Like if some user's specific files are changed and so. I saw that my addon is stored, probably, there "C:\Users\<yourUserProfileName>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<yourVersionReleaseBuild>.default-release\extensions"; and there are quite many settings-specific files. I am not sure which one structure Firefox Portable do use.



  • Ukko
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    Not a solution, but to discuss a bit.

    Did you try to reinstall Password Vault (ID Protection) extension after an update? I mean, perhaps, the 'old' extension is copied with the set of files over the old ones. But, maybe, there is a requirement to install a bit more fresh extension or even to re-activate it somehow to adjust it after updating.

    By reinstalling Password Vault (ID Protection) extension I mean something like:

    -> to remove extension from Firefox;

    -> to install it back.

    Perhaps, this URL is about

  • martink
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    Thanks Ukko

    Yes I have removed the extension and installed it back several times and that is the URL where I get it from.

    I understand that if the problem occurs after a Firefox upgrade it is actually a Firefox problem. However, I do not think Mozilla supports the portable version either.

    There might be another workaround: Install the full proper version of Firefox and the uninstall it.

    That might be a little bit better than reinstall Windows or creating a new user profile.

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