Can't securely connect to any website (iOS 17)

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Hello, since updating to iOS 17 (and the following releases) on the iPhone, I've had too much trouble using Freedome (even before there were problems, but less often).

Whatever website I try to visit, Safari shows the error "cannot establish a secure connection" .

All the apps do not load the content properly in that case.

It happens with different VPN locations, so it' not a matter of my device but of your service!

I've already read that many other users have the same problems, I'm really annoyed that F-secure can't suggest a solution yet.

It seems that you have an issue with the DHCP or NAT, the IP address is not correctly provided to the device even if the connection seems established to the server. I can see this problem using the app Net Analyzer that can't show the external IP (it does when the VPN server works).

I have already sent many feedbacks through the app.

Don't tell me to restart/delete the app and all the useless things you normally suggest, it's obvious the problem is on the servers side or the Freedome app itself (v.

Edit: after some testing, the servers in IT, BE, FR, NL do not work , the ones in CH and FI do.

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    Sweden and Denmark are giving "no network connection" too, on Android.

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    Hello @Firmy

    I've read all the previous threads about this problem and I think it started way before what you stated.

    It would have been better to send an alert (email or push notification) to all your users to inform them there was a bug, the same by your social networks accounts, and suggest what to do.

    Instead there is really a poor way to manage the issue and I think you should at least extend all the subscriptions.

    Now, I'd like to know if this problem could have affected the security of my connections. Thank you.

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