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Hej !

Har F-Secure Total via Bredband 2 och betalar via autogiro varje månad.

Ändå får jag beskedet att mitt abonnemang gått ut och att jag måste förnya det

då jag försöker logga in.

Hur gör jag ??

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    Hej @MrSelassie

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    Currently, our community forum only supports English and Finnish languages.

    The solution to your problem depends on the type of opreation system.

    If you are using macOS then uninstall the program and install it again. This should help you refresh your license.

    However, if you have the program installed on a Windows device then please contact Bredband 2 directly. Bredband 2 specialists should help you with your license.

    Have a god day!


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