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I see a reply in January 2023 stating that the F-Secure extension is not compatible with the Brave browser. Can I ask whether this has changed since then, or is likely to change in the near future, on both Windows and Android?

Brave is increasingly popular, especially with privacy- and security-aware users, the key market for F-Secure, surely?

As it is based on the Chromium engine it should not be to difficult to adapt the Chrome version.


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    As such, it can be possible to use F-Secure BP extension in Brave browser.

    Which one of discussions is mentioned by you?

    For example, there is a Feature Request:

    Where a kind of 'official' support is declared for Chromium-extension. As a quote: ""The chromium extension works already in Brave and Opera"".

    Vivaldi browser was in a backlog, but even then it is ""Vivaldi support added"".

    Note: mostly it is about Windows platform. I am not sure about MacOS situation.

    Android platform has its F-Secure SAFE BROWSER as an option. Where no 'extensions' are required. With Android platform, I think it is the only officially and fully supported browser. A bit of additional security will be with any browser while using F-Secure Privacy VPN feature.

    Other 'Brave browser' discussions:

    Brave browser and F-Secure extension — F-Secure Community

    extension for Brave browser — F-Secure Community

    However, I think that three browsers are officially supported: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome.

    If any other browser can support their 'extension' (say, to install an extension from Chrome's webstore), then it may work, at least, for a dozen of other popular browsers. Like Brave, Opera, Vivaldi.

    Very likely that it is possible to use chromium extension in other less popular browsers, but the support can be limited.



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    Further to my question, the link offered in earlier replies is "not found":

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    The page you were looking for could not be found.

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