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I get SPAM or false notifications from nonsishmouctly about 3 - 5 every MINUTE(!!) and have therefore anonced quitting F-secure march 2024. F-securte had done nothing about these introutions, so far.

Also I cant express difficulties in english. Thats also a mojor draw back.

These other like McAfee tells me to scan.

Scan WHAT abd how?

I´m no longer their custumer anyway.

Seems they are connected to that nonsishmouctly.co.in (India???)

They also mention MS Edge that seems to play a part in the intruision of my computer.

But as I said, F-secure dont do nothing

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    Sorry for a lengthy reply. Also, it is a bit of unclear: does your experience is about mobile device or desktop/laptop system.

    It may not be malware, riskware or even a malicious/PUA browser add-on, but somehow rogue/scam notifications from a website visited (or accidentally visited, or somehow enabled when visiting another resource). Therefore, it is difficult for F-Secure to do anything, since these are user browser settings and they could be such at his own desire. However, if this website (where the notifications come from or are somehow related) is rated by F-Secure Security Cloud as malicious or dangerous, then it should be reasonable to notify the user about the troubles.. but anyway. If you tried to run a full scan of your computer using the F-Secure solution and nothing was found - then, most likely, there is no “known” and particularly dangerous threat to the system (since F-Secure mainly works). To run a full scan - you need to open F-Secure main UI (say, tray-area logo click; or desktop's logo doubleclick); then to open "Viruses and Threats"-card; then to click "Full Scan" option.

    About your situation itself: maybe this happened after installing some application or launching some application (and being part of some impact). So you still need to be careful and think if there are any other suspicious symptoms in the system.

    Suggested steps to deal with fake browser notifications in your Microsoft Edge:

    • type edge://settings/content/notifications on the address bar.

    check if there anything, which are not known for you. Is there listed mentioned domain?

    If so, try to delete it / remove it from the list.

    Optionally to disable entire "notification" functionality (however, then you won't know if the problem can happen again. like if there is still something left in your system).


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