Internet connection drops constantly with Freedome

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Hey team,

I've had multiple F-Secure products for 25+ years on every platform known to man and as CTO across multiple international organizations, I have always advocated for them.

Until now.

For the last year or so, our international teams have been consistently reporting the same issue: On Windows machines (among others but especially Windows 11) they keep losing internet connectivity. They have religiously read all the Freedome blogs and experimented with the settings (power, share, metered, hardware etc.) across Windows, Android and others in the mistaken belief that the issue was elsewhere.

I have experienced the same issue since moving to Windows 11 in multiple locations around the world. Finally this week out of desperation I switched off Freedome and was shocked when the connection stayed up for longer than ten or fifteen minutes. In fact it just stayed up all day. As soon as Freedome was restarted, the internet connection started dropping intermittently.

What gives? This was the last thing we were expecting from a product that we have been using for so many years. It's an unfortunate embarrassment...

For the moment we now have hundreds of engineers moving onto other VPNs until we standardize on a product that works properly.

We are disappointed to say the least as it will take some work to revisit our international org standards but what will be must be.

Best: Michaela

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    Hallo @Qubit1

    Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum community.

    We are very pleased that you have been using programs from F-Secure for the past years. We always strive to ensure the quality of our products and are constantly improving them to meet the demands of the digital world.

    We are aware that there may be some bugs and we try to eliminate them. Therefore, we thank you for sharing information about the problems you have observed in the functioning of F-Secure Freedome on Windows 11. Since we have not had reports of such a problem so far, we would like to look into determining the causes and how to solve this problem.

    Using the email address you provided when registering for the forum, I was able to find your account at My F-Secure. We noticed that you have a license for F-Secure Total for five devices. As such, we would like to request additional information regarding VPN issues on your devices.

    1. Since when did the problem you mentioned with Freedome interrupting your Internet connection appear?

    2. Does the problem appear only on devices with Windows 11?

    3. Does the problem occur when you activate protection in F-Secure Freedome, or when you start VPN in F-Secure Total?

    Please send this information to us. Our technicians will be happy to work on determining the causes and solving the problem.

    Thank you.

    Have a nice day

    Making every digital moment secure, for everyone

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