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Ever since I installed F-Secure a couple of weeks ago, I have been having massive problems with my banking APP in Windows, Star Money Deluxe 14. It either reacts incredibly slowly or crashes. Any ideas?

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  • CarolinaC
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    Hello @RAK999

    Thank you for contacting us on F-Secure Community.

    Does the program crashes with any error message? Do you also use the VPN connection when running the software? Have you also checked if your operating system is up to date and compatible with the version?

     First of all, I would advise you to exclude the program from the real-time scan. And check if the program is running with any issues after excluding it. Please do as followed:

    1. open F-Secure App

    2. click Settings and give permission to make changes.

    2. go to Viruses & Threats.

    3. scroll down to Deepguard and select Show blocked apps.

    4. click Excluded in the top menu bar

    5. click Add New to add a new excluded application or file

    7. locate the file and select it in the Exclude from Scanning window.

    8. click OK

    If the instruction won't be helpful please let me know and we will immediately find another solution to this issue.

    Best regards.

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