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freedome no longer work with tv4play, as of 8.10.2023

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    Hello  @Jonas73

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    In regards to your issue, some programs on TV4 Play are geographically blocked (geoblocked) for rights reasons. From midsummer 2019 you can watch TV4 Play's programs throughout the EU and EEA. If TV4 Play thinks you are outside that area, this may be due to several reasons:

    * Your IP address is registered outside the EU or EEA.

    * You have the wrong settings in your proxy server

    Your IP address must be registered in an EU country. We use MaxMind to check where your IP address is registered. Check your IP address here . Some IP addresses of large companies are registered abroad, which makes them geoblocked. This also applies to many trains that use foreign IP addresses. If your IP address is incorrectly registered, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider who will register your IP address correctly or give you a new one.

    If it still does not work, clearing the browser cache will usually resolve the issue .

    Please try the following steps to see if that solve the issue:

    1. Clean browsers history and cookies on your devices.

    2. Try to reset the DNS cache on your devices

    For windows OS:

    Open command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    netsh winsock reset

    netsh int ipv6 reset

    3. Close all opened browsers.

    4. Open Freedome app > Select the virtual location as Swedish

    5. Open browser and check your streaming website again.

    In the meantime, I will check this with our Freedome team and keep you update here soon.

    Have a nice day


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    It's true that many streaming services are geo-blocket, but what not many know is that some VPN Services are blocked for safety reasons.

    Because however what many don't know about F- secure is that they have not get quit of their Russian legacy.

    Since the outbrake of the war in Ukraine, We in west ( EU and US), have put some embargo against Russia.

    Not only in terms of Consumer goods,but as well to infrastructure.

    So this mean that all servers wich are linked to russian interests( former Soviet states), are banned( classifed as potential boots).

    Because however I myself have experinced that this service is useless on nearly any site today. But also kn terms of Streaming services.

    I myself was a bit confused,and started to investigate more.

    Since an VPN canges your current IP- adress, you automaticly will be geographicaly to the counrty where the server is located.

    So this mean that if an server is located in Latvia( but virtaly it seems that you are in Sweden), you also will experince that the service thinks you are in Latvia.

    Since I myself live in Sweden, I found that I was located somewhere in Russia.

    For that reason I also was blocked from acess some material.

    This isn't any rocket sience- Just perform an IP.

    I myself had done this and foud that my current IP- adress was somehere in Latvia.

    So acording to my own personal advice; Change your VPN.

    Imyself had abended this service( for Nord VPN)- In wich works much better.

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    Hop that this don't come inapropriate,but since there is no other option for me to post it in.

    But however I would write an honest customer Rewiev.

    Since I myself had his service for many years ( 10+ years).

    But sadly as I myself has experinced that this service isn't so usabel today.

    To understand why,you have to understand a companies heritage.

    Since F- secure has strong bounds( based in Russia), in wich of their servers are located.

    This maybe sound consipracy,but out of my personal knoledge about world history.

    Since I myself have parents from Poland( in wich was an former Soviet state).

    Since the basic function on an VPN is to change your geographical position ( IP- Adress)- you automaticly get an IP- Adress located where the server is located.

    But however It maybe look that you are in an different country( so it's like to have an residence in a different county where you normaly live)- so that's why you sometimes get Error messages( that the streaming service think you are in a complete different countyr).

    However I myself had experienced this a couple of times.

    So back to the frustrated moment of why you can't acess some websites/ streaming services.

    Since there are lists of potential boots( in wich F- secure are listed), and to the war in Ukrain.

    So what maybe not so many is aware of that there is an embargo against Russia;

    In wich not only goods,but as well infrastructure ( internet comunication).

    So this also includes that servers/ services wich are located to russia( or former states) are banned from internet.

    You don't have to he an rocket scientist; Just perform an IP- Test.

    Since this service is banned nowdays from Internet nowdays; I myself had abended this service.

    So F- secure maybe was good once upon a time,but sadly not today.

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    Hello @Thomasz29

    Thank you for your comment.

    F-Secure has no affiliations with Russia. All our VPN servers are located in the regions you see in the client, and we do not have servers in Latvia, for example. Unfortunately, it is fairly common that the geolocation data providers have incorrect location data for IP addresses. Also, some services (such as Facebook or Google) use their own heuristics to determine where a given IP address or subnet might be located based on information they've collected from their own users.

    We have an article in our help pages explaining these geolocation data challenges here:

    Regarding the Russian embargo, F-Secure strictly adheres to the EU's embargo regulations. Our VPN products universally block access to sites covered by these embargo regulations, including non-EU users.

    We understand that various content providers, such as TV channels offering streaming content, may block our VPN server addresses. This isn't unique to F-Secure; other VPN providers face similar blocks. Sometimes these blocks are temporary, while others may be permanent.

    Streaming services may prevent access to F-Secure VPN and other VPN services to enforce their content distribution rights and copyright agreements with content owners. F-Secure VPN works by redirecting your internet traffic through its servers and disguising your IP address to appear as though you are browsing the internet from a different location.

    When someone uses F-Secure VPN to access a streaming service, they can bypass the geographic restrictions and appear to be accessing the service from a different location. However, this can violate the content distribution rights and copyright agreements of the streaming service and its content owners.

    To enforce their agreements, streaming services use various measures to detect and block VPN traffic, including F-Secure VPN. This may include monitoring IP addresses and other network traffic to identify VPN usage and blocking traffic from known VPN servers or IP ranges.

    Despite providing privacy and security benefits, VPNs can also be used to circumvent geographic restrictions and infringe on content distribution rights. As a result, streaming services may block VPN traffic to protect their content and enforce their agreements with content owners.

    You can read more about this at this link

    A possible workaround to this issue is to turn off the VPN and then turn it back on to obtain a new IP address that is not blocked by the streaming service. Additionally, users can consider using the F-Secure VPN app to bypass the app on Windows and Android as described in the following links:

    We hope this clarifies the situation for you.

    Feel free to add comments if you require further information.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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