all my mails is locked by F-Secure - what do I do ?

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all my mails is locked by F-Secure - what do I do ?

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    I am only an F-Secure user.

    Maybe a bit more details need to know for a proper assistance.

    For example, what did you mean by "locked by F-Secure"? You cannot access to a certain application, where emails (mails) are stored; Or you cannot access a website. Or you cannot access to specific mails (or emails) content, but the application to view it is still acessible?

    Also, is there any reason given for the "lock"? What it says?

    Since your topic is under F-Secure TOTAL board. Does it related to main functionality of TOTAL as AV and Browsing Protection. Or can be related to Privacy VPN feature or some other ones?

    // and, yes, quite important to know what is the platform there. Windows, MacOS or mobile ones?


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