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Long time user, this requirement to create an account has caused issues - the old way with the codes worked fine for years and years.

Purchased 5 licnese subscription directly from F Secure/Cleverbridge.

Created an account on F Secure site and activated it.

Updated Mac app with account information. Went to my iphone to log in/update there as well and it tells me I do not have enough licenses and I must release one, if I clck on that it gives me an option to release the Mac - however, I purchased 5 licenses. So I should have 4 more to use.

If I try to log in on the F Secure site it says I need to activate my account - I have gone back to the account activation email and cliked through ten times, each time it says I am activated and then when I go to log in it says I have not activated.

I always valued that this service just worked, what has happened here?

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    Hello @ksksks

    thank you for contacting us at F-Secure Community.

    I have checked your account, which is indeed showing as "unconfirmed" in our system. From the email you received from Cleverbridge, it appears that you have not yet completed the registration process. I see from the previous invoices that it is a renewal from 26 August, but it looks like there was a problem with activating the renewal in your account.

    As you have already tried to activate the subscription via the email from cleverbridge, I have created a new account for you and transferred the purchased licence to it. 

    I will contact you by private message with the new login credentials.

    Best regards! :)


  • ksksks
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    Thanks Caroline, I appreciate the prompt assistance!

    FYI when completing this process it removes 10 days from my subscription which was set to expire 10/1, it is now 9/20. In the future if I renew I will take care not to do so early, for many years in the last it was no issue to do so but perhaps it is with the new system.

    Have a great week-

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    Hello, I have purchased a two-year subscription to F-Secure VPN, Reference no: xxxxxxxxx

    I don't have a license key for that program, I have activated a new account, my old account is still valid for 8 days... Please, how do I activate it so that F-Secure VPN will continue to work, after the purchase of the 2-year subscription ? Thank you in advance for your help..

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    Hello @Lafin

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the F-Secure Community.

    We have sinced changed our system verification from the code based system to an account based system hence why you did not receive a code as you have in the past.

    You currently would need to complete your account registration in order to use your subscription on your devices. As you currently have an existing account, you have two options to begin your account registration.

    1. Delete the existing account in order to reuse the email address for the subscription you purchased:
    2. Create a new account using a different email address from your existing account.

    To complete the registration access your email from Cleverbridge and press the "Create my F-Secure account" button.

    Hope you find this useful to your request.

  • Lafin
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    Thank you for your help, I've already managed to register and run F-secure VPN. I have one more question: after running F-Secure VPN, it sometimes blocks TV programs from the website. The programs get stuck and at times it shuts down my program completely...

    Thank you in advance for any help or information on what to do...

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    Hi @Lafin

    Grate that your F-Secure VPN runs properly.

    Your problem with your TV program may be that some content providers are blocking access via VPN. 

    For more information on this topic, check out this forum article:

    Have a nice day


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