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I have a technical query regarding the f-secure Total service. I am using the service on my laptop and I am able to change locations on the VPN without issue. What I want to understand is when I am using a Remote Desktop service from Microsoft.

I know that F-Secure Total will change my IP address on my browser sessions, but will it also mask my location when using a remote desktop service. Last question is, will the Freedome VPN be a better solution, as it is not associated with the laptop, but I can connect to it, when I use it as a hotspot from my mobile.

The dependency on answering this query today will be a factor in deciding to purchase 10 more F-Secure Total licences. I would really appreciate it if this could be responded to today.

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    Hi @Security101

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    Referring to your first question.

    When VPN is enabled, all traffic from the computer goes via the VPN connections, and internet services see the client's traffic coming from Freedome VPN server. So, the answer is yes, Remote Desktop connection doesn't come from client's own IP address.


    As for the second question, I would ask that you would like to make it a little more specific.


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