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Hi . Im having trouble activating the Secure browsing and online banking extension in chrome. I get this error _ The package is invalid. Details Catalog file is missing for local NB - I get the same error when trying to install the extension in Edge also.

Now im just using Chrome on a fresh install of windows 11 Pro

Have anyone else experienced this issue ?

F-secure is version 19.1

I have tried uninstalling browsers and the F-secure App.

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    Hi @Ascend

    Welcome and thank you for your post.

    We were able to locate the problem that occurred in the extension and it has already been fixed. The latest version of the Chrome browser extension (5.1.25) was released today.

    Please try installing the extension again. Be sure to check the version you install. Currently, there should be no problems with the installation.

    Have a nice day


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