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Dear all,

I have the SAFE subscription with 5 devices. Since a few weeks, when I log in to my F-secure (, I can manage the devices for F-Secure (the antivirus) but not for the VPN. In the menu, I read only F-Secure and ID-Monitoring. Before, there was also a menu for VPN.

How I remove or add licences for Freedome without having access to this menu?

Thanks for your help!



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    Hi @Zadih

    Welcome and thank you for your post.

    It's true that some time ago it was possible to separately manage licenses for individual applications (SAFE, FREEDOME VPN, ID Protection).

    After the launch of the new F-Secure TOTAL -application, F-Secure TOTAL -users can no longer release or add Freedome licenses from their account themselves. This has to do with the fact that Total now appears as one program with three functions (antivirus, VPN, password vault). If you need to release a Freedome license as a TOTAL -user, please contact me in privet message and I will try to help.

    Sorry for this inconvenience but for now it is so. 

    Have a nice day.


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  • Zadih
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    Thanks for your quick answer. I use Safe and VPN on different device, this is why it is convenient to manage them separately for me. So it is now no more possible except asking administration peoples?



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